A loving family sex storys

A loving family sex storys

The thick cock was moving in and out of Brooke’s pussy at a steady pace. Her nipples tingle and she felt flush, but it was all so GOOD! Losing her cherry had hurt a little, but it hadn’t really been a long hurt. Now it was feeling so wonderful. Brooke Taylor was thrilled. At last she was one of them. At long last she could fuck with her loving family.

Brooke’s long blonde hair covered her coral-pink nipples and it tickled a bit. She knew that she was a bit sweaty and maybe she didn’t look as sexy as she had 30 minutes ago. That was okay. 30 minutes ago she had been all made up and perfect. She had been wearing the pretty black lingerie she had received for her birthday. She looked her best, like a lovely present waiting to be unwrapped, even though it was her birthday.

She had wanted this for so long, there were rules. You had to be 14 and Brooke had turned 14 yesterday. Everyone was assembled on this lovely Saturday to celebrate with Brooke and the entire weekend would be about her. She would be spoiled rotten. Brooke didn’t mind that in the least. Being a pretty blonde who had been sexy since the age of 12, she was used to all of the attention.

The hard cock continued moving inside of her tight passage. She wouldn’t have believed that anything could feel so good if she hadn’t already started the day with some incredible lovemaking. From this day forward, sexy young Brooke knew that she would be a different woman. She’d be more confident and more able to take command of her destiny.

“Do you want to take a break?” The man fucking her asked. “I don’t want this to be too much for you.”

She spun around and looked at him as if he had just asked her the dumbest question in the world. “God, no daddy,” she said as she wiggled down on his cock. “Fucking is about the best thing there is, don’t you stop fucking me until I cum again or you do.”

Teal Taylor looked at her youngest child and husband and smiled. “She is one of our children, that’s for sure,” she smiled and then resumed sucking Colin’s cock. Her son’s groans were like music to her ears. Until last year, when he had been old enough to join the family fuckfests, Teal had to compete with her other two daughters for Andrew’s wonderful cock. He was the best fuck she had ever known and a true stud, but he did have limitations. Now with two men fucking the three – no, the FOUR – horny Taylor women, things would be much more equitable.

Teal loved the fact that her family was far from the norm. She had grown up in Sweden, surrounded by love, both emotional and physical. When she was about 12, her parents explained that they were very sexual people and that there might be things she would see that she would not understand. “If you have any questions about sex, you come to us and we will answer them,” Kirsten Collins told her daughter. Teal looked about as Swedish as a slice of pizza, although that was understandable as Burt Collins had been born in Toronto. He had been touring Sweden when he met Kirsten. Just 17 and she, 16, there had been an instant attraction. They spent a month together and a lot of that was spent in bed. With Kirsten, he got the sexual education of a lifetime. Burt never returned to Toronto, with her parent’s permission, Burt married Kirsten shortly after his 18th birthday. It was a decision he would never regret. His family accepted his decision and when they met his glorious, gorgeous bride, Burt’s father teased “Any more at home like her, son?”

Kirsten and Burt were very passionate people and she made it clear to her husband that he was not chained down. “You may fuck whoever you wish and I will do the same, although I am sure I will confine more of my loving to women,” she told her new husband. “You’re such a stallion you keep me satisfied.”

“Okay,” Burt agreed with his wife, still not completely adjusted to her eccentricities.

“Once our children reach a certain age, I believe it’s our responsibility to teach them about sex,” Kirsten continued.

“I agree, we’ll have the talks and the Q & A and the …”

Kirsten shook her head. “No, we will teach by example. As they get to a certain age, we’ll allow them to see that we are very sexual people. Once they are 14, we will take them into our bed and show them how to fuck,” she told her stunned husband. “You will take the girls and I will take the boys – although if the girls express an interest, I will certainly teach them about woman loving,” she smiled.

Burt was stunned by her plan but over time and with some gentle persuasion, most of which was erotic, he was brought around to his wife’s way of thinking. Teal smiled and bet her daddy was glad of that, for Sonya, her oldest sister, was a tall, Nordic beauty who was nearly a nymphomaniac.

Her daddy made her first time very special for Teal. He treated her like a princess and all of her birthday presents that year revolved around sex. Clothes, lingerie, shoes, lotions and sex toys, plus some books in case Teal had any questions. She didn’t, nary a one. She had been anxious to get fucked since the age of 12, she knew the score. Her daddy’s cock took her virginity; he was the second member of her family to touch her with desire.

It was a custom in Teal’s family that if the girls showed any sexual interest in women, their mothers would be the first in bed with them. Kirsten had been lovingly initiated into sex by her mother and she in turn, initiated Teal. The first touch of someone’s mouth on her pussy and the soft, loving hands caressing her body, Teal enjoyed it so much that she thought nothing could equal it. “I loved it so much, mother,” she remembered telling her mother. “Maybe I won’t want a man, maybe I’ll be a lesbian.”

“I doubt that very much, my darling,” Kirsten told her daughter as she bathed her clean. “Once your daddy gets his wonderful cock inside of you, you’ll want to fuck all of the time. Not that it’s a bad thing, but you’ll learn that different people react differently to people like us. Be careful who you choose, in the meanwhile, your family will always be here for you to enjoy.”

Teal’s father had been the best first a girl could have, she thought. Daddy fucked her sweetly at first and once he saw that his little girl wasn’t fragile, he let her have it. The willowy brunette was easily a match for her mother and she barely even blinked when her virginity was gone. Teal and her family spent the entire weekend having sex, as was the custom.

Over the next few years, Teal continued enjoying her family as lovers. Quite often, when Burt was working, she would join her mother in bed and they’d have sex. It wasn’t always gentle, not at all. Teal liked being fucked with her mom’s strap-on and she could use it herself. Several times if you listened closely, you could hear howls of pleasure coming from Kirsten’s bedroom.

Teal met her own husband in much the same circumstances as her parents had met. He was touring Sweden and awed by all of the beautiful blondes, that is, until he met Teal. One look at the sexy, miniskirted brunette and Andrew was a goner. They talked until 1 AM and she invited him back to her place. He assumed that she was older than he was and in university. When they got back to her home and he found out her true age, he further assumed that the sex was off. “Don’t be silly,” Teal smiled as she led him to her bedroom. “My parents know I fuck, better watch out – you’re so gorgeous, my mother might want to fuck you herself.”

Andrew couldn’t believe it was true, but Teal was already sucking his cock with a skill he had never seen before. None of his girlfriends had ever given him a blowjob like that and she wasn’t gagging. She wasn’t being quiet either but as Andrew watched his new girlfriend suck his dick, he couldn’t summon up the energy to care. He felt himself cumming and wanted to pull away, but the brunette Swede was having none of it. She let her new friend cum in her mouth and she swallowed it all. Then she got him to eat her pussy and play with her until he was hard again. When she fucked him, Andrew was well and truly fucked. They fell asleep together and didn’t wake up until breakfast. Andrew expected it to be uncomfortable when he met her parents. It was awkward, but not uncomfortable.

They greeted him warmly and teased him about their “having a good time” the previous evening. At first he wanted to sink under the table. “How was he?” Burt asked his daughter. She grinned at her father and patted him through his robe.

“Not as good as you, daddy, but great for the first time with me,” she said in front of Andrew. This chick was freaking him out. If he thought that was amazing, when Kirsten came up behind him and said “After a nice breakfast, we’ll all go upstairs and fuck some more. It’s been a while since I’ve had a young cock in me. You don’t mind if I try him out, do you dear?” Teal shook her head and smiled at her mother. Andrew was stunned – Teal hadn’t been kidding. He barely made it through the meal and the three of him led him upstairs. He got to fuck Kirsten and her perfect, leggy blonde body and watched in astonishment as Burt fucked his daughter. This family might be freaky, but they were hot and he really dug them!

Andrew didn’t go home, he found work and stayed with Teal’s family. When he had to go home, he asked Teal to come with him. Her parents insisted on paying for her ticket. “She belongs with you,” Burt told Andrew. “I sense that you’re going to be family soon, so you’d better take care of her. We want grandchildren!”

At first, Andrew’s parents thought he had lost his mind, but Teal had her ways of winning you over. She didn’t seduce them, she didn’t think they’d be able to cope with that. Instead, she just did everything that she could to become one of the family, including help with meals, shopping and housework. Having Teal in the house was never a burden and she never once had issues with her prospective mother-in-law. When the young couple married, no one commented that they were too young. They had found the perfect mates.

Brooke knew her parent’s back-story. She smiled as her older sister replaced her mother on Colin’s cock. Before long, she would be screwing her brother. There were a few times she had considered screwing him before daddy. Brooke was such a horny little minx, it had been hard for her to wait until she was 14, but that was the family rule. If you waited until you were 14 to have sex with the family, you got “the weekend”. That meant everyone participated and you got lots of attention, gifts and a big party. Brooke’s gifts had thrilled her – a pair of stiletto heels, lots of lingerie, some really short skirts and sexy blouses and a few sex toys. “You’re a young woman now Brooke, with an exceptional body,” her mother had told her while she was caressing her earlier that day. “Don’t ever be afraid to show it off, ignore what others tell you. The women in this family are gorgeous and if the rest of the world can’t handle that, tough shit!”

Her mother’s waxed pussy was now in front of her. “Time for you to learn how to sex it up with two people at the same time,” Teal told her daughter. “Keep fucking your daddy, but slow down a little. My pussy is here, eat it and focus on that, your body will still respond to daddy’s cock. Threesomes are wonderful and in our naughty family, they’re practically expected,” she laughed.

Brooke nodded and let out a deep, satisfied sigh. Daddy had made her cum again, he was such a good fucker. She hoped her second fuck, with Colin, would be good too. She adored her brother, he was so tall, handsome and athletic. He stood out in the family as the only other brunette. There was an intensity in her older brother that Teal found sexy and girls followed him around like bees to honey. He dated a bit but no one special. Colin’s indifference to the beautiful girls at school made them pursue him harder. Only his family knew the full reason for his lack of interest. He had 3 – now four – gorgeous women that he could fuck at any time and all of them were more experienced and nastier in bed than any high school girl could ever be.

There were few women on the planet who could match his mother and sisters in bed, Colin knew. His mother was a walking wet dream who dripped sex. A lot of Colin’s friends teased him and said his mom was the very definition of MILF. Colin would just laugh and nod, if only they knew.

A guy couldn’t have asked for a better first, fuck than his gorgeous mom. He had wanted to fuck her for a couple of years, any guy would have. Colin had one thing in his favor, patience far beyond that of his age group. He knew that his time would come and as his body matured, he’d be better as a lover. He likely would never match his father but Colin believed that youthful enthusiasm would count for something.

It did count for something, it counted for a lot. Once she gave her son his very first blowjob, Teal let him cum in her mouth. Figuring correctly that it would excite him tremendously, she swallowed it all down. It was her turn for a little surprise as her son remained rock-solid.

She got on top of Colin and guided him through his first fuck. She rode him bareback as she and Andrew had both made sure they wouldn’t be having more children. Four was more than enough. His cum splashed the deep recesses of her body and when she removed herself from his shaft, he still had not gone soft. Teal was both surprised and thrilled. Only her beloved daddy, Colin’s grandfather, had ever been able to do that.

Once she had shown him the other two positions with which he could fuck, Teal turned her son loose on his two older sisters. She winked at Jesse and laughed as she told her oldest “Good luck at wearing him out. He came three times before that fucking cock of his went soft.” Jesse’s smile told the entire story, she had to try that out for herself. That in and of itself was an unusual situation as Jesse usually did not fuck men. She considered herself a lesbian and only her father had ever fucked her. Until that very afternoon, she had never been penetrated by another man. Only one cock had ever passed through her soft, full lips. Yet here she was now, on her knees, giving her baby brother a blow job. Her mom was right, he really was up to the task. Daddy was going to have some competition from now on because Colin was so calm despite all of the fun going on around him. Mom and her father were fucking with Anne, Brooke was gone for the weekend. It would be her turn next year.

Despite her protests of lesbianism, Jesse was impressed by her brother’s cock. It was almost as big as their father’s and bigger than the dildo that she used. Her little brother – and it was almost silly calling him that – was going to make a lot of girls very happy, herself included.

“Want to fuck me, sis?” Colin had grinned at his oldest sibling. He had their father’s cocksure attitude but that was one of the things Jesse found appealing about her father. She grinned and sucked his cock until he was hard. “You want to try eating my pussy first, baby brother?” She grinned, spinning herself around.

Colin nodded and realized that he had neglected one of his mother’s first lessons – to be considerate of your partner. He made up for that by applying all of the skills Teal had taught him to his sister’s sweet pussy. Evidently he must have been paying attention, for Jesse was hunching her pussy up at his licking face and moaning loudly. She was even attracting the attention of the rest of her fucking family.

Anne couldn’t wait to fuck her younger brother. She always had thought he was turning into a real stud. Had he not been her brother, she would have dated him, the age difference be damned. Several of the slim blonde’s girlfriends were asking her to set them up. “Not before I fuck him first, bitches,” Anne thought to herself.

Jesse was on all fours and getting fucked by Colin while Anne was eating her mom. Her daddy was fucking Teal from behind. Anne thought the visuals in this room were really exciting and remembered her own party just a year earlier. She was very happy to be in a family that fucked.

Jesse had a mind-blowing cum and rolled away from her brother. Her pussy was immediately devoured by Teal, still being vigorously fucked by Andrew. Without missing a beat, Anne replaced her sister. She gave a few perfunctory licks to Colin’s cock so that she could taste it. It tasted of him and of Jesse. She pushed her younger brother on his back and straddled him. “I like to fuck on top, do you mind?” She asked.

Colin shook his head. His sister was his favorite member of the family, next to his mom. She had a sweetness about her and yet, he knew she could fuck up a storm. She proved that by riding him to a frazzle and actually milking his cock dry. Neither her mother or her older sister had been able to accomplish that. She felt quite accomplished as she looked at the rest of her family and smiled.

Now, in the present day, Brooke was now the last to be initiated into their loving circle. Teal looked at her family and they were all gleaming with perspiration. “I think we should all take a swim to cool off,” she told the kids. “Plenty of time for us to fuck the remainder of the weekend.”

Brooke squealed and a big smile crossed her face. “Oh yeah, a swim sounds lovely and I have this really sexy new bikini that I’ve been dying to show you guys.”

Teal looked at her daughter and laughed. The rest of the family joined in and Brooke didn’t get the joke. Teal calmed down and said to her daughter “Baby, with all that’s gone on here today, do you really think we need to wear suits in the pool?”


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