A 19 years girl Needs an Enema

A 19 years girl Needs an Enema


Neighbor is persuaded to give friends daughter an enema

“No Patty I have always been happy to help you with your problem but your daughter is 18 and I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to give her enemas.”

“19 actually, but she suffers just like me. She is obviously not eating properly at college and she says she is completely stuffed up. I have talked to her about it and she seems very keen for you to help. Her only choice is to go to her GP and even if she can get an appointment it will be days before she gets relief.”

“As you know better than any one giving and receiving enemas are very intimate events. I do not feel comfortable particularly if she reacts in the same way as you do. Do you understand?”

“Well will you at least talk to her about it. It sounds like she is showering so she will be down in a minute.”

Brian lived next door to Patty. Both in their 40s they were good friends. There was nothing romantic about their relationship. What had developed over time was a strange arrangement where Brian administered enemas to Patty. This happened at least once a fortnight and often once a week. Patty had become very dependent on the enemas, as her natural bowel movements were very limited. Patty knew she looked forward to the sessions but was not completely honest about how much and why she enjoyed them.

When Chrissie arrived downstairs Brian was stunned to see how much she had grown up in the year since she went to college. She had been a mature girl before she left but now looked more sophisticated and world wise. Even by her standards, what she said after greeting Brian politely was blunt and direct.

“Has mum asked you if you would give me an enema to help with my problem? It has been days and I am really uncomfortable. Mum says that the enemas you give her are a lifesaver. Please say you will Uncle Brian.”

“Well the first thing you can do is to drop the uncle. You are clearly a grown woman who knows her own mind now. Secondly, there is no way I am going to give you an enema, it is a highly personal thing and it would be sensible to ask your boyfriend to do it.”

“There are a number of reasons why that won’t happen including; I broke up from my boyfriend six weeks ago, he would not have had a clue how to give an enema and I would not have let him if he had known. You have always been there for me Uncle, sorry Brian. Would you please reconsider?”

“Have you ever had an enema? Do you know how one is administered?”

“Well no not really but Mum has told me all about it and I know it would give me great relief.”

“Did your Mum really tell you all about it? Patty did you really give her all the detail?”

“Well yes, well no not exactly all the detail but enough for her to understand.”

“So you didn’t tell her that you like most women become, putting it delicately, aroused by the whole experience?”

Patty had gone very red and embarrassed having to admit that to herself let alone Brian and her daughter.

“Well yes I do become a little excited by the enemas but that is only natural.”

“If you want me to even consider giving Chrissie enemas then you need to be more honest with her how you react to them.”

“Okay I admit that I do find enemas sexually arousing.”


“Why do you need to embarrass me so much in front of my daughter? Okay I usually have an orgasm while Brian gives me my enemas.”

“That is absolutely wonderful Mum. You get your bowels cleaned out and have an orgasm as a bonus.”

Brian was stunned by the girl’s frankness and acceptance of what she had been told. He did not feel the need to say that typically she would orgasm twice and on a really good day more. He had over the years given a number of women enemas and they had all experienced some arousal, some had orgasmed (not all admitting it) but Patty was in a league of her own. Before he could start the process she would always be incredibly excited as he could always see by the state of her pussy.

Chrissie was an absolutely stunning young woman and Brian was afraid that he might not be able to control his own excitement if he gave her enemas. He had always managed to control himself with Patty but he could remember plenty of times with other women when the enemas were more like all the foreplay necessary.

“Well that’s settled then Brian. When can we get started I really am very uncomfortable and I am meant to be going out to lunch?”

“Nothing is settled I have agreed to nothing.”

“Oh Brian please help her out she is desperate and I know she trusts you fully. Don’t you dear?”

Brian did not know how to counter the arguments but did manage to think how it might be easier for him.

“I might consider it, but only if your Mum is here throughout. Do you both agree to that?”

This condition was accepted although neither of the women seemed that keen.

It was a slightly bemused Brian who left the room to set up for the enema. Had he ever actually agreed to this? Once the condition he had set was agreed he could hardly back down. His excitement at the prospect was overwhelming but this in itself was also a cause for concern. He set up the stand that he would hang the enema bag from and went into the bathroom to part fill the bag with a very soapy but not huge quantity of warm water. He wanted Chrissie to be under no illusion that this was about clearing her bowels out.

If she was as stuffed up as she said this first enema would do little other than acquaint her with the process and make her rectum burn significantly. He ensured that he had everything to hand for this and the further enemas that would be required. He then called downstairs that he was ready.

It was a surprisingly subdued Chrissie who accompanied her mother into the room. She stood still clothed where he indicated in front of him.

“Now this is your final opportunity to back down. If we go ahead now you are committing yourself to obeying everything I tell you to do. If you don’t the enema will not work and it might even make things worse. Do you understand me clearly?”

“Yes I understand you clearly un….. Brian.”

“You need to strip below the waist. Take the dress right off otherwise it is likely to get wet.”

“But that will leave me completely naked because I am not wearing……..”

“That is fine your Mum finds wearing a bra very uncomfortable. You may be much smaller in that department than her but we do want you as comfortable as possible. Please make that the last time you question what I say.”

She apologized as her dress slipped off her shoulders. Brian was obviously right that her boobs were much smaller than her Mum’s but they were beautiful and her dark nipples looked not only huge set as they were but also crinkled and hard. She gave her Mum a quick glance before bending to pull her brief panties off over her feet. With a look of defiance towards Brian she stood up straight, her legs slightly parted making no attempt to cover herself from his admiring eyes. He tried not to stare at her hairless pussy but did notice that there was a sheen to it that suggested she might take after her mother.

Brian moved slowly to the bed before indicating exactly where he wanted her. He had her kneel on the side of the bed so that he would have very easy access to her bottom. He was desperate to stroke her beautiful cheeks, as he would her Mum’s, but instead said

“I am going to lubricate your anus so that it relaxes and makes the insertion of the first nozzle comfortable. I want you to relax as much as possible and then it will not take so long.”

He loved this part of giving enemas. He put generous amounts of an oil-based lubricant on his fingers and one thumb. He spread it around her anus for as long as he dared before easing one finger past her tight sphincter. Pushing on he started to turn his finger in circles to spread the thick lubricant.

“You need to relax, you feel very tense back there. Are you okay?”

She was more than okay. His finger felt wonderful and she was desperate not to let him remove it. She therefore tensed her sphincter rather than relaxed it. Brian instantly knew that she was loving the fingering.

“I am just going to lube you a bit more until you are able to relax.”

He used the same lube and repeated the process. She now relaxed and tensed making Brian very clear what was happening. He did feel in the end that much as he was loving doing it Patty might become suspicious if it lasted much longer.

“Now for something a little larger to make sure the nozzle doesn’t hurt.”

Lubing his thumb with a water-based lube he played briefly with the dark crinkled skin before pushing his thumb as deep as it would go. With his fingers facing down it was inevitable that they would at least brush her wet pussy. She let out a loud sigh trying to make it sound like discomfort but not even her mum wasn’t taken in by it. At the same time she arched her back down as far as possible ensuring his fingers made contact with not only her pussy but also her expanding clit.

Brian only allowed himself and her the pleasure of this contact long enough to tease her clit out from its hood. With great reluctance he slipped his thumb out of the warm orifice. He lubricated the smallest nozzle he owned before inserting it into her welcoming bottom. He did warn the excited girl that he was going to start the flow of water. He explained to Patty that it was a very soapy mix that would sting Chrissie’s delicate insides.

Initially Chrissie loved the feeling of the water filling her rectum but soon the stinging of the soap started to panic her slightly. She complained asking to be allowed to evacuate the soap. Brian said that it was still running in and needed to stay where it was for a couple of minutes. He started to push the nozzle deeper before easing it in and out. Chrissie still felt the stinging but the gentle fucking of her bottom distracted her and she stopped complaining. When Brian said he would remove the nozzle and she could go to the toilet she was relieved.

As she left the room Patty seemed quite agitated when she said

“Brian am I wrong or was Chrissie as aroused as I thought she was. Was she fucking your fingers, your thumb and the nozzle? She seemed incredibly aroused to me are you okay?”

“No, yes and yes. She clearly reacts to things in a very similar way to you. You really should see your own responses to similar stimuli. She is young and I suspect not getting enough to satisfy her sexual needs. If you want me to stop I will of course. Just remember that I was trying to avoid giving her an enema as I thought it would do exactly what is has. I cannot guarantee that your little girl will not orgasm during the enemas in exactly the same way as you. Now do you want me to carry on or are you going to explain to her why I have stopped?”

It was at this point that Chrissie returned to the room saying that nothing had happened except the water had come back out. Brian explained that it would have at least started the progress. Next he would give her a very large enema with much less soap. She would have to hold this for five minutes at least to ensure that it was effective. He said the water would also contain something to break down the matter to ease its passage.

The lubrication process was similar to the first except Chrissie was now torn between the need to get the stinging soap washed out and the pleasure of her bottom being played with. It was Brian who put an end to the lubing.

“This nozzle is different to the first and I need to push it into the impaction to help it brake it down. It may take a little bit of force to succeed.”

Chrissie called a halt to the injection of the fluids three times. Each time Brian got her to roll onto her back so that he could massage her lower stomach in an attempt to move the fluids and break up the blockages. Chrissie found this hugely frustrating, as his hands were so close to her clit that was screaming out to be massaged. It took all of her willpower to stop herself from finding her aroused nipples with her hands.

Brian gave her a choice at this stage. Either to carry on and take the whole bag and then hold it for five minutes or stop the water now and hold what was there for ten minutes. She chose the later with the hope that he would help by distracting her during the ten minutes. The stinging of the soap was as bad as it had been at any time. She soon forgot about this when the large nozzle was eased an inch or two out from its fully inserted position before being firmly pushed back. He justified this to himself and the two females by saying it was needed to break things up.

Chrissie didn’t care what the justification was it reminded her of the time she had experienced the largest cock she had ever seen. On that occasion she had experienced significant pain but ultimately an orgasm she would never forget. Right now there was the pain and lots of arousal but she did not sense that an orgasm was close. She did receive some relief from the pain as Brian’s massaging suddenly caused everything to shift. Brian’s timing of the ten minutes was a little generous as he saw her really struggling.

While she was evacuating in the bathroom Patty asked why Brian had not used the distraction technics he always used on her with Chrissie. Brian said that he wanted to ensure Patty was comfortable with him doing so. If she was then Brian was planning to use them on the next enema. Patty said that if Chrissie and Brian were happy she would be hypocritical to deny her daughter the relief this would bring. Brian wasn’t sure she meant the relief from pain or the sexual relief that Patty always enjoyed.

Chrissie was soon back reporting great success and looking radiant. Brian said that he would give her one very large enema to clean out the soap. This would also help remove any remaining solids. He would include something that would soothe her bowels. For the first time he lubricated her as she lay on her back with his fingers pushing up towards the inside of her pussy. It was also the first time that her legs were wide apart as she laid on her back. He had seen before that she was completely devoid of hair below the waist but now he was able to appreciate her pussy. It was wet and swollen but also it was very neat with the lips just opening like a flower just in time to display her large clit framed by them. By the time he removed his fingers from her lubricated bottom her breathing was very labored.

He showed her how the nozzle he was going to use worked. How the two balloons could be inflated to seal her so tight nothing would escape. Although it was larger than the others it slipped in reasonably easily. She felt completely full when he inflated the internal balloon and very secure when he inflated the second. The water flowed quickly and deeply when he opened the valve. Very quickly Chrissie felt very full. The fullness however was not painful. Brian watched as the girl’s eyes struggled to stay focused and soon glazed over. The look on her face was one of pure sexual excitement. Brian moved closer so that he was between her legs as he started to massage her stomach attempting to shift the water deeper. As he massaged her pussy was stretched and her clit was pulled upwards. As her stomach was stretched tighter and tighter her clit protruded more and more.

Brian was certain that the merest of touches to her clit would send the girl into orgasm. He was not surprised when she reached down to play with her pussy and clit. Wanting to keep Chrissie in anticipation a little longer he took her hand and placed it on her chest. Her moan of frustration was not disguised but she took the action as an instruction to play with her erect nipples. Using both hands she pulled, squeezed and rubbed both nipples. Brian increased his massaging and was surprised when it became obvious that she did not need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Her hips started to try and push up thereby increasing the pressure his hands were applying. Wanting to feel that he was at least doing something to affect her orgasm he pushed down preventing her hips from lifting off the bed. Chrissie swore, screamed and moaned throughout an orgasm that went on and on until suddenly her body collapsed with exhaustion.

“My god are they always as good as that Mum? That was amazing every part of my body felt that orgasm.”

“Mine are always different to those I have without an enema. Yours sounded spectacular.”

“It looks like your body has relaxed and is ready for the rest of the water. I will just massage you again so that the water reaches as high as possible.”

The remainder of the water filled Chrissie with little complaint from the exhausted girl. Brian told her that she would have to hold the huge enema for ten minutes. This did draw complaints until with a smile Brian added.

“Would you like me to use some distraction techniques to help the time pass. You enjoy them don’t you Patty?”

“They are often the best part of the whole session Chrissie. I suggest you ask Brian very nicely if you want his help.”

“If the distraction takes the form I think it does, please Brian distract me as much as you possibly can.”

Brian slipped first one then straight away a second finger in the very open but tight pussy in front of him. He did not move them in or out but did bend them up as he found her erect clit with his thumb on the same hand. Sometimes her mother was too sensitive at this stage to enjoy the stimulation but Chrissie instantly began to purr with pleasure. Brian kept the stimulation extremely light and undemanding.

“Try and relax and let the water do its work. The longer that you can hold it the better it will be.”

“If you keep doing what you are I could probably wait another five to ten…… days.”

Brian and Patty laughed at how blasé Chrissie had become, as she seemed completely relaxed lying completely naked and being sexually aroused by a near stranger. Chrissie was hit with two painful spasms but insisted that she was not ready to quit. Brian did decide that it was probably enough for her first time and very gently increased his toying with the now purple clit. Chrissie gave way to an orgasm again but this time the spasms were gentler but no less pleasurable. Chrissie’s reaction was also gentler as she gave a commentary about how wonderful she felt. When her orgasm faded Chrissie made her way to the bathroom helped by both Brian and Patty. It was a stunned Patty who spoke first after an embarrassing silence.

“Did I really see what I think I saw?”

“If you think you saw your daughter reacting to enemas in the way you do, then yes. I think the violence of her orgasms even out did the strength of yours but it was absolutely beautiful to witness just as it is with you.”

A happy Chrissie bounced into the room declaring that she was more than ready for her lunch and was feeling euphoric. She then turned to her mum and asked.

“How do you thank Brian after he has given you your regular enema? I do not know how a girl or a woman shows her appreciation for the most wonderful sexual experience. In this situation do I thank you Brian or will you mum?”

Patty looked dumbstruck by the question and asked what her daughter meant.

“Well how do you look after Brian after he has given you such pleasure? The poor man has had a raging erection for at least the last 45 minutes surely you don’t send him home without….?”

Chrissie stopped as she realized that her mum was completely shocked by the question, once she understood what the question was. Brian just gave a nervous laugh and said that he loved giving enemas where they were so fully appreciated. He needed no thanks for what he had just done. Chrissie looked really puzzled for a few seconds before breaking out into a big smile. She crossed the room and pulled the bemused Brian’s trousers and pants down in one easy movement. She was certainly right about his erection that appeared ready to explode.


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